Chartered Insurance Broker comparison



CII Chartered ‘minimum’ standard PHP standard Translated benefit to you of our qualities
One board member holds individual Chartered status Both our┬áDirectors hold individual Chartered status. Insurance problems usually arise when either:- there is a disconnect between what the policy states the customer must do versus what they actually did. – the insurer interprets the policy wording for their benefit and not the customers. Some could sight these examples as small print, however this is viewed, successful outcomes, tend only to be achievable by using commercially and technically sound firms.-items are simply not covered correctly or adequately.Some could sight these examples as small print, however you view these examples, successful outcomes, tend only to be achievable by using commercially and technically sound firms.
90% of customer facing staff to be CII members All customer facing staff are CII members. All our staff are CII members meaning their knowledge of market changes affecting clients are well understood. Changes such a legal, best practice or innovations affect not only the price clients pay, but the quality of the cover purchased.
Firm to have a staff development plan Continuous investment in customer service and technical insurance training is a key part for all staff and directors.We have held Investors in People status since 2004, well before the regulation of general insurance in the UK nor the creation of the Chartered Insurance Broker concept existed.Not only do we have a written ethics business policy, we actually embrace ethical trading at the heart of our business strategy and operations. We reward staff for volunteering in the community and by doing this; there is a continuance of happy, friendly and a morally sound team of people which can only be good for you!Continuous investment in staff benefits not only our team members, but client benefits are evidenced in:- High Team Morale
- Staff Dedication
- Exceptional Service Standards
- Consistency
- Happy CustomersStaying ahead of trends in cover, policy disputes and legal changes is critical for clients.
Firm to have core values and business ethics policy Having an ethically and morally sound business, displaying honesty and integrity is a corner stone of our entire business model.
Customer to have access to senior staff. Not only do client have access to key staff, this is offered 24/7. Having access to senior people is not something for the privileged few. On the premise that some problems arise outside of normal business hours, senior staff are available via phone, email or social media 24/7