Chartered Insurer Partners


Our Chartered Insurer Partners

Working with the right insurers is pivotal to the ethos of our business. We want to work with insurance professionals from Underwriting, and Claims teams that understand and believe in the insurance profession like we do. Because only then, will you the client, be reassured that the people who are looking after your business, are the best they can be.

It is important to us that our insurer partners strive for the same principles and ethics which made us become a Chartered Insurance Broker in 2009. There follows some commentary from a selection of our partners.


AXA Commerical Insurance


AXA Commercial Lines and Personal Intermediary has made a commitment to promoting chartered status because we believe that improved levels of professionalism are essential if we are to regain and maintain consumer confidence in our sector.

Businesses like PHPL, achieving Chartered Broker status, are at the forefront of our industry. They are committing to professional qualifications, adhering to a code of ethics and ensuring their staff continually develop their professionalism.

As a Chartered Insurer, AXA is delighted that PHPL are now part of the Chartered community – we know their customers will benefit from their focus on driving standards of professionalism ever upwards and we are sure the PHPL staff will benefit from investment made in their education, training and development.

Alasdair Stewart
Marketing and Communications Director
AXA Commercial Insurance



Chartered Insurance Broker status recognises a commitment to professionalism, expertise and staff development. Peter Hattersley & Partners clearly demonstrates these qualities as a Chartered Broker, the gold standard to which we as a Chartered Insurer believe all brokers should aspire.

It is a key differentiator which will increasingly be used by customers when deciding where to place their insurance and by the best insurers in deciding which brokers to do business with. Having highly trained technical staff to administer insurance programmes empowering them to making informed decisions, more ethical trading and better customer service are just some of the benefits of using a Chartered Broker.

Simon McGinn
Director, Commercial Broker Markets
Allianz Commercial



Chartered status helps us to attract and retain the best people because it demonstrates the investment we make in them, as well as the business. Of benefit to our Policyholders, this vital investment develops staff empowered to make sound technical and commercial decisions, whether they be pricing, cover or claims related.

The quality of the role performed by our Brokers in the supply chain is also of paramount importance, confirmed by our belief that the broking community should aspire to holding Chartered Broker status, so that their role in the handling of customer insurance programmes adds value to Insurer and Client alike.

Stuart Payne
Vice President
Chubb Insurance of Europe SE



Hiscox are experts in providing specialist insurance for people and businesses with unusual and often complicated needs. Who we work with, and who we insure, is more important than what we insure.

As a Chartered Insurer, Hiscox is proud to be among a small number of insurers who have achieved a gold standard of excellence, professionalism and integrity in insurance. Gaining Chartered status reflects our commitment to delivering the highest quality service to our customers.

Through our dedication to achieving and delivering excellence, along with the importance we attach to investing in our people, brokers and clients who work with Hiscox can be confident that, whether in underwriting or handling claims, they are dealing with a decision-maker, who will act quickly and fairly.

In a competitive market place, a Chartered status sets apart companies who are committed to developing their peoples’ skills and knowledge, and who as a result, provide the highest possible level of service to their clients. Hiscox is pleased to work as a trusted partner to Chartered Insurance Brokers such as Peter Hattersley and Partners, who share our commitment to developing and maintaining excellence.