Why use a Chartered Insurance Broker?


Why use a Chartered Insurance Broker?

Its almost the ultimate question. I suppose it comes down to trust, capability and confidence.

At some point you will have seen your qualified GP, Solicitor or discussed your child’s education with a Teacher. Each of these professions demand a certain level of minimum qualification to operate, yet, in general insurance this is not so.

For some reason, people often see insurance differently to these scenarios.

But what about insurance? Because insurance, in many cases is a business critical purchase. If you don’t have the appropriate levels of insurance or policies in place, then it’s a real possibility that your business might not survive an incident. So why, would you select an organization unable to meet minimum standards on the quality of its people when purchasing insurance ?

There is a choice, a simple one, choose PHP, a firm having gained Chartered Broker status from the Chartered Insurance Institute.