Corporate & Commercial Business Insurance


How we can help you and your business?

As a Chartered Corporate Insurance Broker one of the principle ambitions of PHP from the outset has been to establish ourselves as a flagship firm for the design and construction of insurance and risk management programmes to the business sector.

Corporate insurance broking is an area of expertise which requires a wide range of skills to ensure that the integrity of your business in the event of asset damage is upheld and simultaneously allows all involved to comply with legal requirements.

What we can do for you

At PHP we take the time to recognise your insurance requirements as each customer is unique and therefore once we are satisfied that we can work together we will:

  • Carry out a complete fact find of the activities your business is involved in
  • Analyse the risks which your business activities present
  • Design an insurance programme relevant to your business’s risks

We will go the extra mile to ensure that any contract meets the every need of you and your business and more importantly will respond in a loss situation. PHP have the skills to produce total solutions across the board including:

  • Asset protection 
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Liabilities insurance
  • Motor fleet insurance
  • Professional risks insurance
  • Director protection insurance
  • Insurance for the movement of goods around the world
  • Data/Cyber risks

We are also recognised for our expertise in carrying out confidential audits of existing programmes.