Physical Intervention and Conflict Management Training


Physical Intervention and Conflict Management Training

conflict protect- physical intervention and conflict management insurance

The insurance requirements of professional trainers involved in the diverse industry of conflict management and physical intervention is a complex area, one which Conflict Protect fully understands.

Due to the uniqueness of the industry there is significant potential for gaps in cover; gaps which could result in disastrous consequences should a claim present itself.

These gaps are typically found when policies aimed at general training providers or those involved in sports and martial arts are taken out as your unmatched risks are not taken into account.

Conflict Protect avoids any gaps in cover as the scheme has been designed to meet the insurance needs related to the SIA’s physical intervention requirements. We have understood the unique hazards that professional trainers in the industry face for 5 years as well as providing the bespoke insurance needed to protect their businesses.

Conflict Protect offers an exclusive, industry leading insurance scheme specifically tailored for the conflict management and PI training skills sector.

Security Services Insurance

With many years protecting those who train individuals within the security sector we are often asked to provide cover for firms operating within the industry itself. This has resulted in us building relationships with key insurers specialising in the unique risks the sector and its many activities present.

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